Sunday, July 31, 2011

Do you believe in yourself?

hobbies vs. business

Hobbies COST You Money!
Business' Make You Money!

So what you're rejected... it happens all the time

*Don't take rejection personally. Learn to deal with it and move on to your next prospect.
*If a prospect isn't interested, find out whether the person knows someone who is and ask for a referral.

Tip of the Day

Tip of the day: When you are in a store shopping and the sales person ask if you need help... say sure! Build the relationship then politely give a brochure.
If you haven't already, be sure to import your email contacts into your web office and regularly send them email. Also, be sure to scroll through your contacts daily to make sure you delete any contacts that unsubscribed to the emails
The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.
- Michelangelo

Are you interested in joining my winning team? If so, read the FAQ's then contact me ASAP

I am looking for motivated individuals to join my team. After reading the FAQ's below and if you are interested in joining my winning team, please contact me ASAP.


What is the total investment required to start up my business?
The cost of starting your own Avon business is less than a family dinner at a fast food restaurant.

Will I receive materials to start my business?
You will receive 20 Avon brochures (10 each for your first two selling campaigns) along with product samples and sales training and reference material. As a new Representative you also have the opportunity to purchase selected products and samples at special promotional prices.

What is a selling campaign?
The two-week selling period supported by a brochure that offers customers different products 26 times a year.

What information will be required from me in order to establish my account?
As an Avon Representative, you will be given an automatic line of credit, as such we will require the standard personal information that is requested whenever credit is extended, including your social security number.

How much can I make selling Avon?
You earn 40% commission on beauty products in your first order, regardless of the size when your order is placed online. Throughout your Avon career, you can continue to earn as much as 50% on beauty products, depending on your order size. You can increase your earnings potential by recruiting, training, and mentoring new Representatives.

Do I have to keep products on hand?
At Avon, you are never required to keep a stock of products on hand. You may find, however, that your customers have personal favorites that are helpful for you to have available for last-minute needs. In addition, as a Representative, you are offered exclusive promotional opportunities to purchase products in advance.

How often do I have to place an order?
Avon has 26 sales campaigns throughout the year. Each campaign reflects a two-week selling period marked by promotional offers and/or new product introductions. Contacting your Customers every campaign gives them the opportunity to purchase their Avon favorites, see new products, and take advantage of special offers. You'll find that contacting new and potential Customers on a consistent basis will result in your placing an order each campaign.

How long does it take to receive my order once it is placed?
You will receive your order within 2-3 business days after the order is submitted.

How do I receive future brochures?
Every two weeks, when you place a product order, you purchase your future brochures. Brochures are always ordered four weeks ahead so that you will have them in plenty of time to include them in your Customers' orders, and to share them with new potential Customers.

Do I have to pay for shipping, or do my customers pay a shipping fee?
As long as you place your order on-time, there is never a shipping fee for you. If you wish to receive an order at a different time from your regular scheduled delivery you have the option of receiving it for an additional fee. Surcharges may apply for Alaska, Guam, and Hawaii.

You can sell through a personal website. Your customers can either order products that will be shipped to them directly from Avon or that will be included in your order for you to deliver to customers.

How do I pay for my order?
Payment to Avon is due two weeks after your order is shipped. This gives you time to deliver your orders and collect payment from your customers. You can pay by check, money order, credit card, or online directly from your checking account using Avon Quickpay.

Am I required to attend meetings?
No, meeting attendance is not required. Avon offers extensive on-line training that you access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to enhance your business.

Your District Sales Manager, or the Avon Representative who referred you to this site, may hold group meetings in your area designed to share product training or program incentives. If so, you will be contacted in advance in order to add the event to your calendar.

Do I have to have parties?
You are not required to have any parties. However, many Representatives find group selling to be a very lucrative way to sell more products, broaden their customer base, and build their network marketing organization. If you do choose to participate in group selling, Avon offers various training and support materials to assist you.
(After reading this faq, if you are interested in the opportunity, let me know)

Is it hard to sell Avon?
Avon is one of the best known brands in the world, which makes it easy to sell.

What happens after I sign up?
In a few easy steps, you can become an Avon Representative and start your own business. Promptly after you sign up, you will receive a welcome e-mail. Then, you can go online, explore the product line, and start your training. You may also build your personal website to sell products to customers and manage your business. Within the next few days, the person who talked to you about the Avon opportunity will follow up and offer you additional personal training opportunities to ensure that you get your business off to a successful start.

**If you are interested in this business opportunity, please contact me**  reference code: bernadetterobinson

Don't just shop for yourself, shop for your children too :-)

For this and more, check out

Last time this season 50% off

This is the last time you'll see Skin So Soft Bug Guard plus in a brochure this season! Protect your family with deet-free insect repellent and SPF 30 in one money-saving product!

Get a false eyelash look but without the messy glue!

Jillian’s* Lash Booster amps up lashes between mascara coats! Get a full, fabulous “false eyelash” look without the mess! Gel with custom fibers that cling to mascara to create a full, sexy look in PRO time. .247 oz. net wt.

Follow these 3 easy steps:
Start with one coat of your favorite Avon mascara.

Add Lash Booster.

Finish with second coat of mascara for a full false-lash look.

*Jillian Dempsey, Avon's Global Creative Color Director & Celebrity Makeup Artist.
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Looking for a sheer, all over body midst? Try Blushing Temptations.

Here is the flirty collection: Sparkling Plum Blossom, Darling Citrus and Pretty Petal. They are at their lowest price ever $5.99 each and can be found my online store @​inson
Flirty allover body mist...sheer enough to wear everywhere you dare! A playful wink of enticing jasmine teased with tantalizing grapefruit and warm amber. 5.9 fl. oz.

What a sale!! Buy one, get one for $1.00

Advance Techniques Hair Care Products.
These products addresses all hair types and issues: Volume, Shine, Damage, Color

check out pages 94-94 @

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Avon is "Recession Proof"

In this economy, every one needs or a least would like to have a second source of income. Unfortunately in this society, no one's "JOB" is guaranteed. Have you ever thought of owning your own business where you are the only person who can fire you or lay you off? Have you ever thought of owning your own business where you can give yourself a raise whenever you want? Have you ever though of owning your own business where you can work when and where you want? If you have answered YES to any of those questions, you would be the perfect candidate for my team.

To join my team, contact Bernadette at 646-750-5349 or log onto reference code: bernadetterobinson

Be sure to check out the following vido on CNN regarding AVON :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why not join a company that has been empowering Woman for the last 125 years

95 years before the first woman was appointed to the
U.S. Supreme Court …
80 years before the first woman took the reins of a
Fortune 500 company …
77 years before the first woman traveled into space …
34 years before women in the U.S. had the right to vote …
7 years before the first woman won the Nobel Prize …

Avon began offering women the opportunity to be CEOs of their own businesses and control their economic destinies.

Avon, 125 years of empowering women.

Contact me today to join my team or log onto  reference code: bernadetterobinson

If you love Make-Up, you don't want to miss out on the sales in CAMPAIGN 17
Campaign 17 is having a Mega make-up sale. Get all of your favorites or try something new for under $3.00. You do not want to miss this sale!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just to clear up some things...

On a daily basis, I offer people an Avon brochure. Out of all of the responses I generally hear I love this one the best,  "I don't wear make up". That answer usually tell me how long it's been since they've seen a brochure. Well, let me fill you in...  Avon is not just about makeup! 

Through the years, Avon has evolved and here are a few of the things that make up Avon today:



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Skin Care
Fashion and Lifestyle
For all of these products and more, check out

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How long has it been since you got a raise? Do you feel stuck at your job? Start your own business with Avon for only $10. Call me at 646-750-5349 for an appointment or from coast to coast go to and use reference code "bernadetterobinson". Build your life with a Company that has been around for 125 years. We have a proven success method to help you get started.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stretch Marks, anyone?

The sentence after this may be a little contradicting but... I have absolutely no problem with the stretch marks on my stomach. I don't feel bad about them and my esteem is not hurt one bit. I embrace them as a badge of honor. But of course i will have my children the rest of my life, God willing so I don't really Need the physical reminder.

The entire year and few months since I've been with avon, they've had creams for stretch marks (solutions and Anew) and I've sold it and heard great reviews. Nothing convinced me to purchase. Well, let me tell you a secret: The best way to know about something is to experience it first hand. So, Skin-so-Soft just came out with a new oil specifically for Stretch Marks, Discolorations, Uneven tone and Scars. I decided to try it for my stretch marks. I began using this product on Monday and i can already tell you that the color of my stretch marks on my tummy has lightened up a little. It's so amazing!!! I will give you another update after my second week.

This product is highly concentrated oil with nourishing vitamins A and E, chamomile, sunflower seed oil and phytol.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Spot Treatment

When I received my “what’s new” catalog a few campaigns ago, there was a NEW product that I was particularly excited about. This product is is Blemish Clearing Acne Body Wash by Clearskin. I was excited because I have been using the Clearskin Foaming Cleanser for my face and it did a superb job! I was so excited at one time, that I was going to use it for the blemishes on my body. I tried once but I realized I would run out of the soap quickly. Now I think you see why I got excited.  I am in my 5th day of using the product and I love the results I see so far.

It will take at least 2 weeks for me to see a drastic difference. If you have dark blemishes on your skin, I highly recommend this product! Check it out for yourself while it is at the low price of $5.99. You can also get the Clearskin for the face.

I am willing to invest in someone that is motivated, driven and destined to succeed!

I have a FREE start up kit to get your Avon business up and running. This is good through 7/18/11. This includes books, order book, your own website, support and some extra little free items from me :) WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??? With Avon, you don't have minimum orders, no shipping fee, and you don't have to keep stock on hand. Earn 40% for the first 2 months!!! Plus you can receive a percentage off your sprint/t-mobile services, discounts to amusement parks, discount on car rentals, discounts on cruises, ect.

Contact me today:

And please tell me why you want this opportunity and what you expect.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bernadette’s Avon Policy
What Every Customer/Friend should know

·         Each Campaign, ALL Orders of $30.00 or more will receive a Free Gift!
(Not to be combined with any other offers, such as, % discounts on purchases, etc.)

·         Show the Brochure to your Family, Friends and Co-workers and receive 10% of their purchases (and your own) in Avon credit to use toward your own Avon orders! 

·         Processing fee is 75 cents on all orders.  This fee will be WAIVED on all orders that are picked pp, rather than delivered. 

·         All Products are 100% guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with any item you purchase, please return it and receive full credit to use toward your next Avon order.  ***Must be returned within 30 days or the guarantee is Void ***

·         Credit Card payments ARE Accepted.  You can also pay by Cash or Money Order, made payable to Bernadette Robinson.  I also accept paypal,

·         Don’t have a Current Brochure?  Please visit my web site - and you can view all available brochures for that campaign.  This store is open 24 hours a day for your shopping/viewing convenience…

·         Know of a family or organization that needs to raise money?  Please refer them to me to have an Avon Fundraiser!  You will receive $20.00 for the referral after the completion of the Fundraiser as a “Thank you”…

·         I’m Always looking for Sales reps to Join my team!  If you, or someone you know would like to make some extra $$$, please contact me for details.  No Experience necessary, No minimum order requirements, you make your own hours and many more benefits!  Ask me for details…  You will receive a $20.00 bonus for referring someone to me, who signs on to sell, after they pay for their first Avon order.

Please contact me if you have any further Questions, Concerns or Suggestions.
Thank you for your continued Support and Interest in Avon Products!!!

Why I became an Avon Representative

 I am an Avon representative/Unit Leader and I am looking for some women and men who are interested in starting their own Avon business. I began 5/26/10 and I love it!! I work full time and I have two baby boys, 1 and 3 years old. I started because It only cost $10 to start, I did not want to work a part time job on someone else's clock, i want my children to grown up and think that they should go into business for themselves and I want to give my children the life they deserve... so far one of them is in private school. This business is easy because everyone knows Avon. You do not have to be a sales person, people just have to know you have the book or website. I will also be here to help you grow as I grow. Contact me today (646) 750-5349 or register @ reference code: bernadetterobinson

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blackberry and Vanilla- Naturals

I am in campaign 16 and like i mentioned in the previous post, there are some deals, just too good to be passed up. I am going to start with the items that I have personally tried or is currently using. 

I am going to start with the Avon naturals. I love Naturals because most of the products smell fruity and are not made with harsh ingredients. The newest scent is Blackberry and Vanilla and it smells delicious! This set comew with two body washes, a lotion, a shakes lotion and a body spray all for $9.99. This is the introductory price.  Take advantage of this offer.

Also, There are several other natural sets on sale for $9.99, however they incluse four products per set. The other flavors include Vanilla, Pomegranate and mango, cherry blossom, and banana coconut.
To order, go to:
Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Campaign 16 is here!

I am so excited about campaign 16. There are some awesome sales and new products that I'm just thrilled about. I will be writing about my experiences with them so far.

Be sure to check out my website @
Also, be mindful of the raffle. If this is your first time viewing my blog, check out my most recent blogs or view the blog on my avon website.


Come join my team today!

AVON has been around for more than 125 years. It originally started as the California Perfume Company. In 1928, the name was changed to AVON and the story began.

AVON can be to you what you want it to be:  A part time job, a full time job, hobby or business... you control it.  You can market with leadership, parties, catalogs, fundraisers,  e-sales, it is all up to you.
AVON products are more than what they used to be. While Skin So Soft and Anew are a few of the most popular items and still selling after many years, Avon has stepped up their game. Avon has also ventured in to apparel, home goods and jewelry with positive results.

See for yourself at

$10.00 is all it takes to start your future in a company that has been around for 125 years.
Ps. You can also register to be a member of my team online @  reference code: bernadetterobinson

Bernadette Robinson

Monday, July 11, 2011


Starting in Campaign 16 2011 to Campaign 20 2011 for each order you place on my e-store that is $30 or more your name will be enter into the drawing for one of the Avon prizes listed below:

( ex: if you place 4 orders that is $30+ then your name will be entered 4 times)

Prize 1: $30 FREE Avon of your Choice to be used in Campaign 21

Prize 2:  $20 FREE Avon of your choice to be used in Campaign 21



Prize 5: Surprise Avon Bag filled with Avon products and samples of avon products

So place those orders to get your name into the drawing...and GOOD LUCK to everyone!

my e-store: 
PS. I need at least 15 names for this drawing. Please pass this along to everyone you know. Thank You!

Avon in the media- Ebony Magazine July 2011 page 36 Mark Fedora Hat

Mark Fedora Hat

I believe in you :-) reference code: bernadetterobinson

I love when I open a magazine and read an article about Avon- Essence Magazine, August 2001 page 50

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerIf you would like more information about ordering Avon or becoming an Avon Representative.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Campaign 14 is ending

I am placing campaign 15 orders which are due by tommorrow at noon. If you would like to place an order, please visit my wesite @
Also, be sure to check out the outlet and mark catalogs.
Please keep in mind that this is my last campaign of triple dollars. If you are not an avon representative, you would not understand what that means, however I am aiming for a new goal with Avon as a Preseident's Club member. Your purchase will get me one step closer.

Last but not least, I LOVE REFERRALS!!! Please tell everyone about my site, you will be surprised how many of your friends, family, associates, co-workers, ect are looking for an avon representative.

fyi: Any order you place on my site will be shipped directly to your home by avon. Happy Shopping!