Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I received my packages :-)

I received my packages :-)

Well, I wished I received my bi-weekly shipment before I left home earlier today, nevertheless, I’m excited. After putting the children in the bed, i wasted no time opening my boxes and trying out my new products. Of course I had to separate my customers items first. So what did I get: a cute organizer pocketbook, an avon starter kit-which contains essential Avon products such as moisture hand cream, skin so soft lotion, body soap, 2 lipsticks and face cream.

In light of that, I am smelling great and I love this red lipstick on my lips. I had to put that on top of my Avon Glazewear lip gloss which last a pretty long time… had it on since 4:00 pm. This is not to mix this up with the new Perfect Wear 8 hour lip gloss which just surfaced.

Anyways… just wanted to share my excitement.

Monday, June 28, 2010

How ro make a few dollars go really far with avon

How To Make A Few Dollars Go Really Far With AVON
Friday, May 21, 2010

These days all of us are trying to make the little money we have stretch as far as possible. Well, at Avon that is very easy to do. Here are my Top Ten things to look for:

1. FREE gift(s) paired with a fragrance purchase. Eternal magic has one; FREE 3-piece gift collection with purchase of just the perfume.
2. NEW products are introduced at special discounted pricing notated by the words, "Buy Now & Save," however, the discount is only for a limited time.
3. Special incentives. For example, sometimes things like "Create your own gift basket" are offered
4. "Extreme Value"
5. "Lowest Price Ever" / "Lowest Price This Year"
6. "Buy One, Get One"
7. When products are bundled or sold in sets, you'll find each item's cost is significantly less than when bought individually.
8. At the end of the makeup section, you'll find "the smart buy." The product(s) featured on this page should not be passed up!
9. Pay special attention to "the big deal" typically found on the last couple of pages of the any brochure (including the eBrochure).
10. The back cover features "the HOT HIT," product(s) offered at a not-to-be-missed price.

Hopefully, the above will help guide you on how to get the best possible price and the most value for your hard earned dollar.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recruiting motivated individual to join my team

I am a recruiter for the #1 direct selling company in the world, Avon and I am looking for those who would like join my team.

Just to name a few benefits of becoming an Independent Sales Representative:

* You do not have to have parties (unless you want to have online parties).
* You gain customers by passing out brochures and following up with people.
* Make up to 50% off your sales and if you choose to do leadership you could make up to 12% on team sales and bonuses.
* You can work from the comfort of your own home.
* Only $15.00 to get started.
* No inventory to buy.
* Work full time or part time.
* Great residual income program also available with biweekly payouts (once in leadership)
* No minimum order.
* No sales quota.
* No party kit to purchase.
* No shipping fees.
* Free online training

I would love for you to be a part of my team. If you are interested in learning more please contact me, all of my contact information is on my website @

Looking for a host for my online avon party (eparty)

I am throwing an eparty for my Avon business and I am in search of someone who would like to host it for me. The job of my host is simply to bring customers to my website, albeit close and personal friends or efriends (the more the merrier).

An Avon eParty is a great way to host a party without the hassle of schedules, preparing snacks, cleaning house, or entertaining guests! You can also invite any of your friends regardless of where they live. Best of all, with an Avon eParty, YOU can enjoy the fun too while earning a discount on your order or free products!

If you book an Avon eParty, I am offering discounts or free products based on the outcome of your party. In other words, the more friends you invite that participate by placing an order, the bigger your reward will be. You and your friends will also receive FREE shipping on orders over $30.

Booking an Avon eParty is easy. Choose the dates that you want and email me or visit my Avon site to request your eParty. Then, get a list of your friends together and send them the link and your eParty code so they can shop online anytime during your eParty and you will get credit. Once your party is over, I will let you know your discount or free product amount so you can order.

Bernadette Robinson
Avon Independent Sales Representative
Shop or Sell Avon

Friday, June 25, 2010

College Fund

I created an online event... College fund for aspiring college student.
Micheal Robinson, a three year honor student and aspiring accountant is
seeking admission to one of the most prestigious private universities in
September 2011. To see more,

Refer A Friend- 10% off purchase


I have a "Refer A Friend" promotion. Tell a friend about my online avon shop and if they make a purchase, you will receive 10% off your purchase.

Act fast, offer ends June 28th, 2010 at 11:00 AM
Instructions: inform me when your friend makes a purchase then I will make the adjustment for you to receive your discount before you place your order.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

10% off your second purchase from my online store


As a way of saying that you for supporting my brand new Avon store, I am offering you a 10% discount off of your 2nd purchase from my online store.
There are 13 slots left.

I hope that you have a wonderful day,

Bernadette Robinson

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you have money you need to raise or cause you’d like to support? Let’s partner ...

Do you have money you need to raise or cause you’d like to support? Let’s partner and a portion of Avon sales through my online store will be donated to the cause you are interested in supporting. I’ll provide you with the tools for a successful online event including:
• A personalized web page and online store open 24/7
• An online goal tracker and reports (the thermometer will rise as your sales rise). You’ll keep up-to-date on the estimated proceeds with a summary that can be automatically emailed to your organizer.
• Direct Delivery- we’ll even deliver the products right to your customers door and delivery is free to customers with orders of $30.00 or more.
• Personalized online invitations to use to email supporters asking them to shop your event.
• Promotional code for tracking- You’ll be asked to create a memorable code that participants will use at checkout to link their order to your online event, usually 6-15 characters.
All it takes is for your supporters to register at my online Avon shop and type in the special code that you create and every time they purchase something from my store; they are giving money to your fundraiser.
• How do attendees get to my online event? Through an email invitation or by visiting my Avon site and clicking “Online Events”.
• Will I have to deliver the products? No, Avon handles all aspects of delivery. Shipping is free to customers who spend over $30.00.
• Can I claim a tax exemption? No, the online events program is not designed to support tax-free fundraisers. Because online event orders are delivered directly to the customers, rather than distributed via the organization, the sales tax exemption does not apply.
• How does my organization receive their donation? After the orders have been processed, I pay you the agreed percentage after I receive the earnings from Avon.
• Can you provide an example of my earning? We will discuss the percentage, however here is an example based on you receiving 30%... 20 participants sell $15.00 in Avon products to 10 people, the total sales would equal $3000.00 of which your organization would earn $900.00
• What information will you need from my organization? Simple: organization name, complete address, contact person, phone, email address, promotional code, number of participants, estimated sales, start and end date and a personalized message.

If you are interested in partnering to meet your goals, please contact me @

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Fundraiser

If you're looking for a fundraiser for your
event, church, school, little league etc., please contact me! I can set
you up with an online event and a percentage of the proceeds (which will
be decided on between you and I), go to your cause! Let me know! It's
as easy as sending an e-mail! That's it! It costs you nothing...! :-)

Campaign 14 Highlights

Campaign 14 Highlights

Campaign 14 is an exciting campaign filled with great sales, free offers, and new products. Below are my Top 10 Picks you will find in the current eBrochure:
  1. FREE Cherry Blossom Cosmetic Bag #129163 with any $10 Naturals purchase (see pages 4-15)
  2. All 5 NEW Cherry Blossom scented Naturals Bath & Body products for only $10...a $35 value! (see page 5)
  3. NEW Bali Bliss Eau de Toilette Spray for $9.99 SAVE $5!
    • Shower Gel, Shimmering Body Mist, and Body Lotion are also on sale
  4. NEW Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel shades for summer:
    • Electric Purple #293843
    • Limeade #293862
  5. Anew Skin Care 3-Step Regimen Starter Kits on sale:
    • Ultimate $28
    • Reversalist $26
    • Rejuvenate $24
  6. Buy 1, Get 1 50% off bag & sandal sale (see pages 114-117)
  7. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE jewelry sale (see pages 126-129)
  8. My personal recommendation; mark. gloss gorgeous stay on lip stain (My favorite color; bella #238894) The color lasts for hours even after the shine is gone! $9
  9. NEW Summer entertaining items:
    • Debbie Meyer Buffet Genius (set of 4) #281073
    • Fun Party Appetizer Picks (set of 12) #281069
    • 2 Part Chiller on Ice #280980
  10. When traveling this summer, be sure to take along these NEW items for your kids:
    • Cushioned Neck Roll #281107
    • Dry Erase Lap Desk #281111
If you haven't already done so, please be sure to register first for a smoother and quicker checkout.

Click on the "shop now" tab above to enter the shopping area. You can choose to shop from the individual categories, by brand or by using the search box and entering a product number I have provided. If at any time you need assistance, feel free to contact @ my Avon website:

First and Foremost

Please visit my Avon site and register ASAP.

Register to receive daily updates and any promotions I may have at the moment.

Promotion: Register and be sure to include your birthday, you will be surprised.