Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 8 Questions to Ask How to Become an AVON Representative?


AVON Representative-craig-jacksonHow Do You Become an AVON Representative?

Becoming an AVON representatives is easy! First, you register online at Start.Avon.Com. You will have to enter the referral code of someone who is willing to train and mentor you. I recommend that you join Me and use my code: “bernadetterobinson”. I will be happy to help you grow AVON business and start making money.

How Much Does It Cost to Be An AVON Representative?

AVON is only $10 to get started This includes everything you need to get started. Contact your Avon representative or to enter online at and the code: bernadetterobinson

Do AVON Representatives Have to Attend Meetings?

No, you are not obliged to attend AVON meetings. However, the meetings are available for those who wish to participate. They are fun, educational and provide a high level of support and help to build your business.  However you are not required to attend any of them

Do You Have to Meet a Sales Quota With AVON?

No, sales quotas are not required with AVON Representatives. Sale $5 or $5,000 the choice is your. As long as you place an order once every 3 campaigns then you are still active. Even if it’s only a $5 order.

Do You Have To Recruit Other Reps?

No, your are not required to recruit other AVON Representatives. However, if you choose to be a leader and build a serious business the you can earn money on a percentage of your downline for 3 generations.
There are four levels of leadership: Unit Leader, Head of Unit, Advanced Unit Leader Senior Executive and Executive. You earn up to 12% of your downline sales.
This can add up very quickly and become very profitable when you build and develop your unit.  In addition to the earnings you earn off your unit, Avon will also pay you upto $150 for each new AVON Representative that joins your team!

Do You Have to Have a Computer to Be an AVON Representative?

No, a computer is not require to be an AVON Representative. A computer is helpful but not necessary! AVON has two methods of orders. Online or by mail. Online is simple and fast, but not required!

How Much Can Your Make As an AVON Representative?

There are no limits to how much you can make as an AVON Representative. The amount of effort you put into selling the product and recruiting other AVON representatives with determine how much money you can make.

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