Monday, August 29, 2011

Do you want to know how to earn $35.00 an hour from Avon? Here is the answer

Here to explain $35.00 and hour.

You talk to 5 friends, family or strangers that want to partner with you for a low start up fee of $10.00

You receive $150.00 per recruit.

If you advance to unit leader within 2 months of your first recruit, you will receive $300.00. If not, you will receive $100.00

That totals to $1,050.

You spend at least 6 hours with your new recruit:
Appointment= 90 minutes
48 hour follow up call= 30 minutes
Training Contract 2= 60 minutes
Training contract 3= 60 minutes
Training Contract 4= 60 minutes
General questions= 60 minutes

So if you spend an average of 6 hours with 5 new recruits that’s 30 hours. Divide the amount of money $1,050/30 hours= $35

There is no limit to this so don’t just stop at 5.

Now, text everyone you know “I have learned how to potentially earn $35 an hour from my avon business. Would you like to learn how too?”

If they say yes, SCHEDULE an appointment

To find out more information or to join my team, call Bernadette Robinson @ 646-750-5349 or register online  @ Click here to join my team reference code: bernadetterobinson

Thanks, Bernadette :-)

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