Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anew Genics- Before

I am a huge fan of the facial cleansing products that Avon has to offer. I have seen great improvements in my skin. I was using clearskin and solutions line until about 2 months ago. I love solutions because it brightened up my skin and took the dull look away. I like clearskin becasue it has been reliable for removing dark spots. I just recently began using anew rejuvenate. I do not have any signs of aging... at least in my opinion so I can't tell the difference right now. I recently began using clearskin again because I have some new dark spots on my face. I am introducing Anew Genics. This cream is awesome... so awesome that I don't want to wash my face in the morning. It leaves it so nice and smooth. You notice the difference in a few days. I am not consistant with it but I will be for the next two weeks so that you can see the difference. In light of that, I took some busted up "before photos".

Avon Anew Genics helps skin cells act younger. Skin can look up to 10 years younger! ANEW Genics Treatment Cream is a total anti-aging treatment suitable for all skin types. It is designed to work with any ANEW regimen to deliver optimal results. In fact, everyone
can benefit from ANEW Genics whether they have a current skin care regimen or not. ANEW Genics can help everyone improve the appearance of the skin's texture, firmness, wrinkles and discoloration. This is the one product that ALL Customers who want younger-looking skin should be using!

Right now, if you purchase a jar, you will receive a day cream for only $10. How great of a deal is that?????  A day and night cream without this sale will cost you about $70.00 but it can be yours for $48.00 plus you'll get free shipping. 

Thanks, Bernadette :-)

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