Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I received my packages :-)

I received my packages :-)

Well, I wished I received my bi-weekly shipment before I left home earlier today, nevertheless, I’m excited. After putting the children in the bed, i wasted no time opening my boxes and trying out my new products. Of course I had to separate my customers items first. So what did I get: a cute organizer pocketbook, an avon starter kit-which contains essential Avon products such as moisture hand cream, skin so soft lotion, body soap, 2 lipsticks and face cream.

In light of that, I am smelling great and I love this red lipstick on my lips. I had to put that on top of my Avon Glazewear lip gloss which last a pretty long time… had it on since 4:00 pm. This is not to mix this up with the new Perfect Wear 8 hour lip gloss which just surfaced.

Anyways… just wanted to share my excitement.

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