Monday, June 28, 2010

How ro make a few dollars go really far with avon

How To Make A Few Dollars Go Really Far With AVON
Friday, May 21, 2010

These days all of us are trying to make the little money we have stretch as far as possible. Well, at Avon that is very easy to do. Here are my Top Ten things to look for:

1. FREE gift(s) paired with a fragrance purchase. Eternal magic has one; FREE 3-piece gift collection with purchase of just the perfume.
2. NEW products are introduced at special discounted pricing notated by the words, "Buy Now & Save," however, the discount is only for a limited time.
3. Special incentives. For example, sometimes things like "Create your own gift basket" are offered
4. "Extreme Value"
5. "Lowest Price Ever" / "Lowest Price This Year"
6. "Buy One, Get One"
7. When products are bundled or sold in sets, you'll find each item's cost is significantly less than when bought individually.
8. At the end of the makeup section, you'll find "the smart buy." The product(s) featured on this page should not be passed up!
9. Pay special attention to "the big deal" typically found on the last couple of pages of the any brochure (including the eBrochure).
10. The back cover features "the HOT HIT," product(s) offered at a not-to-be-missed price.

Hopefully, the above will help guide you on how to get the best possible price and the most value for your hard earned dollar.

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