Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to sell Avon products effectively: By M. J. Joachim

It's a pretty straightforward business for any woman. Avon has been around for decades and there are many ways to cash in on its earning potential. Of course you'll need to dress for success, strut your stuff, and know your products and prices. After that, it's about you and your customer. How do you want to let people know what you do? Who do you want to work with, and what extra mile are you willing to travel to sell your Avon products effectively?

Get Out Your Brochures

One of the easiest ways to sell Avon is by passing out the brochures. You want to make sure yours looks professional, so take the extra time to print and stick personally designed labels with your information. If you've built a relationship with any of your customers, place a personalized sticky note on some of their favorite items when they go on sale, or introduce them to a new product that will compliment what they already purchase.

Avon brochures cost money, so if you can, drop them at local businesses where they will be shared. You might be able to collect 3 or 4 orders using only 1 brochure. Ask the owners of specialty shops, and leave your brochure in nail and hair salons for their customers. Be sure to give a discount to the owner when you do this. She might even let you leave some samples to increase your sales opportunities.


Avon works with you when you want to host a fundraiser for a good cause, but you can also make your own. If your local school is raising funds for new playground equipment, why not offer to give 10% of your earnings for 1 or 2 campaigns back to the school to help them achieve their goal. You'll increase your customer base and help the community simultaneously. Maybe your local church needs money to help with a food drive. You can recruit new Avon team members to sign up under you, and then your profits will also increase. Or you can set up a table filled with Avon products so people can purchase them after the service.

Meet New People

If you sell Avon, one of the best ways to do it is to knock on doors, set up a table at you or your friend's garage sale, or rent a booth at local craft or flea market events. Make sure you have some kind of drawing to get people to leave their name, phone number, and email address so you can follow up with them as potential new customers.

Self Advertise the Products

Wear the jewelry and clothes, splash the perfume, and pull out the hand cream.
wherever you are. Be sure to wear you Avon pin that tells people who you are too. If you go out to eat, leave a brochure behind at the table, as if you simply forgot to take it with you. You can even leave one or two in the ladies room. Keep brochures with you. When people ask about your occupation, you can hand them one, instead of a business card.

Good Customer Service

By far, the easiest ways to sell Avon products effectively is through good customer service. The better you treat your customers, the more likely you will consistently improve your sales. As you get to know your customers, ask them to host Avon parties for you, and give them a nice discount on their order for doing so. When they do, be generous with door prizes, and have lots of product available for them to fall in love with to increase your customer base and orders.

Communication with your customers is also very important. Make sure you know what's happening with product, especially if it's on back order, and be up front with your customers. Be happy to accept exchanges and returns. If you end up with a customer that takes advantage of you, simply stop giving her a brochure, and if she continues to ask for one, be polite when you tell her that she returns more product than she keeps from you, and that you think she might be happier if she switches brands.

Have Fun Doing Your Job

As long as you enjoy selling Avon products, you will have an easy time selling them effectively. Set achievable goals and challenge yourself. Get your exercise passing out brochures. Make some friends at monthly meetings and exchange ideas about what works or doesn't work when you sell Avon. If you like Avon products, you'll be able to sell them with ease. If you're willing to turn your Avon business into a bit of a game, you'll have a great time increasing your sales in the process.

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