Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You want to run an AVON business but feel it consume too much time? Become an E-Representative.

10. Customers would no longer feel stranded
Ever lose a Customer because she moved away? Now you can still sell to her even if she is far away!
9. Customers would have unlimited access to AVON
They can shop with you at their convenience 24/7
8. Customers have more flexibility and choice in shopping and delivery options
With the gas crunch these days, it is a great opportunity to give Customers the option to have their order shipped directly to their house!
7. Representatives have more flexibility to manage their own time
Great online tools, such as Customer invoices and an address book, saves time and effort so that you can be more efficient
6. Enhanced targeted communication through forward-able emails
Your online address book and professional email templates will allow you to send emails to a targeted group of Customers.
5. Easy to use interactive tools that allow you to engage customers in new ways!
Start writing your own blog for customers to get to know you or add a badge or storefront to your Facebook page to reach new customers!
4. Incremental recruitment opportunities
Send prospective Representatives to the “Representative Opportunity” page of your personalized Web site and build your Downline!
3. Representatives have personalized online stores
You are given a professionally merchandised Online store, personalized with your photo (if you so choose) and contact information.
2. Representatives can go on vacation and still make money
Your Online store is always accessible so even when you are sitting on the beach or camping in the mountains, you are still open for business!
1. Where else can you make money in your sleep!

If you are interested in the opportunity or have any questions, please contact me.Or go to www.start.youravon.com reference code: bernadetterobinson

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